Tuesday, August 18, 2009

American Terrazzo

One of the most challenging things about being in a TIC is keeping your building maintained. Even in this down economy it can be hard to find reliable contractors who do quality work at a good price.

Our 100 year old Edwardian building is always a work in progress. This spring, our beautiful terrazzo stone steps started to sag. Of course we all went through a prolonged period of denial, perhaps hoping these stone steps would lift themselves back up into place. Finally a general contractor doing some kitchen work for one of our partners noted, "if you don't do something about this little step problem now you are going to have a very costly repair down the line."

So we did some research and found American Terrazzo. They just finished our front steps, and they look fabulous. Aside from the great end result here is what I liked about them:

- Their estimate covered a range of possibilities, so we would have a good idea of the best case and worst case scenarios before signing the contract. (For example, they noted that it was possible for a step to break during the repair process, and if this happened, the replacement step would be an additional charge.)

- They came out twice to inspect the steps before beginning the work. They really examined the problem and took their time preparing ahead of time.

- The work schedule minimized the inconvenience of the loss of use of the stairs.

- At the same time, they did not rush the process. They did careful and thorough work.

Highly recommended: www.americanterrazzo.net