Friday, April 01, 2011

Getting Ready for the City Inspectors

The City inspectors will be here early next week. We've spent about $10,000 total fixing some things that were identified by the pre-inspection as code violations. For a six-unit, 100 year old building that is a pretty reasonable amount of money.

The upcoming inspection has galvanized everyone in a positive way. We all want to address any potential safety issues with our electrical, plumbing and stairways. We've cleaned up the common areas, hauled off some junk, spiffed up our units, and given our old building a polish and sparkle.

I cannot say enough good things about our contractor, Rick Cerutti. He is smart, funny, detail-oriented, conscientious and knows the building codes. He is sensitive to the complexities (and occasional mysteries) of working on a historic building. The guys on his crew even took my neighbor's dog for a walk! So here is his contact information, if you are looking for an excellent contractor:

But get in line, because after the inspection we will probably have more work to do.


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