Monday, February 21, 2011

Okell's Fireplace

Condo conversion is quite the cottage industry. It's a business pipeline for home repair merchants in the City.

For example, the pre-inspector says our old wall heaters have got to go. So we are all looking at options - from simply installing a new wall heater to going for a big upgrade - like a gas fireplace.

We went over to Okell's Fireplace this morning. The salesman said they do a lot of work for TIC owners who need to replace wall heaters. They have every type of in-wall and freestanding fireplaces imaginable. Very cool!

I would love a little fireplace. I'd like the flat to the wall zen style, with rocks on fire. But I can't vent up through our beamed ceiling, so we'd need to build something quite elaborate to accommodate my little zen fireplace.

Given all the other things that need to get done for condo conversion, can we afford the time and cost of building something this complex right now?


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