Saturday, February 05, 2011

Dear Property Owner

The City has posted the winners list for the condo lottery:

Here is the text from the letter sent by the City:
Dear Property Owner,
Congratulations! On February 2, 2011, your ticket was selected as a winner in the 2011 Condominium Conversion Lottery. Your fully completed application must be submitted on or before Friday, July 28, 2011. If it is not received on or before this date, your name will be dropped from the eligible list and the next person on the standby list will take your place.

You may obtain a Condominium Conversion package on line at or at 875 Stevenson Street, Room 410, for $4. We strongly recommend that you retain an attorney that is familiar with the condominium conversion process in San Francisco to assist in your conversion.

We suggest that you contact the Department of Building inspection at 558-6454, or in person at 1600 Mission Street, as soon as possible to arrange for a Physical Inspection of your property, as assigned by Subdivision Section 1381(a)(2).

Your condominium map and unit diagrams must be prepared by a licensed Land Surveyor or a Civil Engineer licensed prior to 1982. You should obtain these services as soon as possible.

If you you have additional questions please contact my staff at (415) 554-5827.


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