Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just Say No To Partners of Building Partners

The TIC partner who handles our accounting recently started copying the domestic partners and spouses of the TIC building partners on emails about building business. He made this decision unilaterally without consulting the group. In my view, this is wrong. We are a large TIC with seven building partners who are the deed holders and legal signatories to our TIC agreement. Five of those individuals have spouses or domestic partners. By adding these five wives, husbands, what have yous to the discussion of our building business we have gone from trying to come to a consensus with seven people to airing the views and opinions of twelve. Having to listen to the snarky comments of people who have no legal standing is, in my view, a waste of time. It adds to the complexity of managing the building and brings no value in return.

In my opinion, it is up to the legal partner to inform his or her spouse. The legal partner's comments and votes on building matters can reflect any private conversations they have had. But individuals who have no legal standing in the TIC group should not be involved in email dialogues or present at meetings.


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