Monday, February 21, 2011

Solicitations from Everyone

As soon as you win the condo lottery, your mailbox will be filled with solicitations from lawyers, surveyors, pre-inspectors, and what have you. Yesterday I received a beautifully presented folder of information from a surveyor. This package must have been costly to produce and mail. But we have already hired our surveyor!

My advice to those who are trying to solicit condo conversion business is:

- Build relationships with the law firms that handle condo conversion. Most TIC groups will use the vendors recommended by their lawyers.

- Try to build some kind of relationship with the TIC owner community on an ongoing basis. You can do this by attending Plan C events, offering free educational information online or at events, etc.

- Don't wait to mail your solicitations. Prepare your materials, attend the lottery drawing to get the winner names and mail solicitations out the next day.


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