Monday, February 21, 2011

City Permits and Inspections

It was always assumed in our building that owners would have work done in their units with proper City permits and inspections. This was plainly stated at meetings, and it may even be in our TIC agreement. (It should be part of all TIC agreements.)

Surprisingly, we have just discovered that one of our owners had a significant kitchen remodel done with NO permits or inspections. This owner spent many thousands of dollars a couple years back having everything done perfectly to his taste. But now walls in that perfect kitchen must be opened for City inspectors to re-check and permit the plumbing and electrical work that was done.

This owner is throwing a fit. But whose fault is it? It's the owner's responsibility to tell the contractor all work must be permitted and inspected.

People, if you have any chance of converting to condo, do not skip getting permits and inspections. It's going to cost you a lot more later rather than doing it right the first time.


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