Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Am I Bored?

Individual loans for TICs are now widely available. Chris Daly wants to have 2-unit TIC buildings enter the condo lottery. (An idea that was mercifully killed by, among others, Supe Alioto-Pier.) Appreciation has slowed to a crawl. The newly built condo complex down the street features flats smaller than mine for over 5xs what's left to pay down on my (overpriced) TIC mortgage. Ho hum. Am I bored - with real estate?

It's A Dryer Vent, People, Lighten Up

Let me post this (an actual excerpt from an email sent between partners in our building) as an example of how NOT to communicate.

Your response to my original e-mail was inflammatory and most of your interactions with me and others in the building are confrontational. In fact, I was surprised to get such a nasty e-mail from you...Your duplicity no longer astonishes me and I would appreciate it if you avoid me whenever possible. You are one of the most negative people I have ever encountered... I resent the insinuation that I don't clean-up after my dryer because I do. Quit lying to save face. I also clean the stairs frequently from your level on down to the garbage area... Everyone in the building has seen both of our apartments, so I think there is no question as to who the clean one is. I do not appreciate your lying and nastiness.

What can I say? Put six partners together for nearly ten years and eventually someone is going to have a blowup.

That said, the benefit of having six partners is that in the event two of them begin engaging in this kind of flame throwing the other four are around to provide some extinguishing influence.

And it serves to remind us all - take a breath before you hit send.