Monday, August 08, 2011

The List

Some of you may think I am exaggerating about the list of things that we must do. We are a six-unit building so we do have a bunch of paperwork that needs to go to the state, as well as the City. If you have less than six units you don't need the state documentation, so your list won't be as long. Lucky us!

Title company's check-list for the state application:

A) Estimated completion dates of City inspections and necessary repair work:
1. Entire project
2. All common areas
3. Residential units

B) Legal documents from your lawyer (approved, final version for submittal to the DRE):
1. Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions ("CC&R's")
2. Bylaws
3. Articles of Incorporation (will the Homeowners' Association be incorporated?)
4. Articles of Association (will these articles be used?)
5. Sample Contract of Sale/Purchase Agreement
6. Existing Subdivision Interest Disclosure Form (if applicable to the project)
7. Form RE 648 Check Sheet

C) All documents from engineer/surveyor:
1. Tentative Subdivision Map
2. Tentative Map Approval
3. Conditions of Approval
4. Condominium Plan (if applicable)

D) DRE submittal:
1. 3-R: Report of Residential Building Record- Please provide a copy of the most current 3-R report, Report of Residential Building Record. If not available, please obtain one from the San Francisco Department of Building Inspection.
2. Form RE 639, Supplemental Questionnaire:
Attached is a copy of the completed, executed RE Form 639. Please provide (via e-mail) the following items:
a. Items 2A1 and 2A2, Page 1 - Copies of paid invoices and cancelled checks for the work completed in June 2010 (exterior and trim painting) and March 2011 (hot water heaters) for DRE's verification purposes.
b. Item 2B, Page 1 - As the roof is 6 years old (see item 2B), please provide a roof certification completed by a licensed roofing contractor. The certification should be on the contractor's letterhead and should indicate the useful and estimated remain ing life of the roof, its present conditions and the cost to replace.
c. Item J, Page 2 - Copy of complete/entire 3-R Report - Report of Physical Inspection issued by the Department of Building Inspection, City and County of San Francisco. This report should include: electrical inspection report, plumbing inspection report, structure inspection report, etc.
d. Item L, Page 2 - Copy of Certificate of Final Completion and Occupancy issued by the Department of Building Inspection, City and County of San Francisco.
e. Item 4A, Page 4 - Copy of written notice of intention to convert and notice of tenant's first refusal.
f. Item 5, Operating Statements, Page 4 - Please provide copies of the income and expense statements for the last 3 years.

E) Complete budget package (approved, final version for submittal to the DRE, not a draft):
1. RE Form 623 HOA Budget
2. RE Form 624A HOA Common Facilities List
3. Reserve Study
4. Utility bills for the last year


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