Saturday, March 21, 2009

Solar City

We have a six-unit building with a big flat root in a sunny section of the City. So of course from time to time we have explored the possibility of going solar. To date, our group has decided that installing solar required to much of an upfront capital investment. However, with new government programs and private ventures like these becoming available we are going to re-open the discussion.

The City has moved forward with GoSolarSF, which offers residents up to $4,000, and businesses up to $10,000 to install solar power. Low-income residents and non-profit, multi-family residences can get even more of an incentive.

This is in addition to a California state incentive program Go Solar California. There's also a federal tax credit.

One interesting private venture is Solar City, which, in addition to regular installations, offers the option of defraying the upfront costs through long term leasing.