Thursday, November 06, 2008

1776 Page

The listing says "grand, full floor, three bedroom flat" - priced at $685,000. It does indeed look spacious, with bright daylight and historical detail. (Alas, no parking - green or not, most of us still need to drive to work to pay that kind of mortgage.) Whoever placed the listing claimed that this is $265K below market - I'm not sure what daydream market they are referring to. (Oh, that one, the one that just went bust.)

All four units in this upper Page building are for sale - there is also a one bedroom listed at $325,000 - a price I am guess-timating I haven't seen in a decent San Francisco neighborhood since around 2004. So while they are back-pedaling somewhat on the price I wouldn't call them bargain basement giveaways. (That would be 300 or less.)

Perhaps another sign of these economic times - the sellers have not bothered with any of the (somewhat ridiculous) staging that was all the rage not so long ago, during that delerious boom.


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