Monday, November 03, 2008

Get Ready To Be An Owner

If you become a TIC property owner, get ready for emails like this. Make sure your group has a plan for who will have primary responsibility for dealing with these kinds of emergency maintenance situations.

I just got a call from my housesitter and she is standing in my kitchen in puddles of water. She says that the water appears to be backflowing from the sink drain. Did we have a clogged pipe somewhere on our side? It looks like something backed up somewhere along the pipe and flowed nasty water up through the sink drain in the kitchen, filled the sink and flowed over onto my floor, countertops, cabinets, etc. She says that there is all kinds of food waste in the water (anyone have rice anytime recently? There's a ton of it all over my kitchen now.) (I haven't cooked or used anything but water in my kitchen sink for over 4 months now, as I have been on the road.) I left 5 days ago, so it happened fairly recently.

While it seems that the flood had stopped, we are very concerned that this could continue if the sewer is plugged and water continues to flow into the pipe. Has anyone else had a problem? Is there someone we can call to get the kitchen drain line flushed out so that my apartment is not flooded (again)?

I would appreciate an email back or a call to the housesitter to help out with this. She's in my apartment now trying to clean up the mess.


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