Sunday, February 03, 2008

510 Page Street

Page is a lovely tree-lined street with easy access to inter-City public trans and the 101 Silicon Valley commuter corridor. 510 Page is a six-unit TIC; although built in 1913 it appears to have had most of its historic charm remodelled out. And there is unfortunately only one garage space. (My six-unit building is the same. Is this a legacy from when the building's residents only needed to stable a few horses instead of maintain space for 6+ cars?) The other caveat is - Webster Street. In an overly liberal-on-crime City where the police can at best practice containment Webster is unfortunately the block where a lot of local petty hoods end up getting pushed. So you might see some thugs in black hoodies hanging out in front of the local groceries in the Webster corridor. In any case, a two bedroom flat for $500,000, especially one with a jacuzzi tub and some outdoor space, in this part of the City is worth a look.


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