Saturday, October 13, 2007

TIC Cottages

When I first moved to San Francisco ten years ago I had visions of purchasing a quaint little cottage where I would cultivate a garden while my beloved cat stretched himself in the Northern California sun. So whenever I see a listing for a TIC cottage my heartstrings feel a tug. This week I've spotted a couple.

In realtor's parlance charming means small, but this Nob Hill listing does look darling. Plus, on the practical side it has new plumbing, new electrical and a new roof. What an adorable pied a terre or center city hideaway. This cottage is part of a larger 14-unit property so it will likely never go condo. Parking is leased.

If charming is small, pint-sized must equal teeny tiny. This "compact" Alamo Square duplex looks like a remodeled garage, and from the photos the refrigerator appears to be in the living room. But it is secluded, has views and comes with deeded parking. How cute.


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