Saturday, January 12, 2008

Condo Envy

As a TIC owner, do I sometimes feel condo envy? What if I could get a mortgage at a competitive rate instead of being limited to an expensive fractional? What if I lived in a bigger, more anonymous, new building that didn't require haggling over all the maintenance details? Yes, as I've seen The Hayes go up down the block I've been feeling the envy. Silly, perhaps, considering that the square footage at the Hayes is about the same as what I have now at double the price. And particularly silly in light of the fact that all of my envy is based on a tricked out marketing site and no actual show units. The place still looks like shell from the street. When they say early 2008 move-ins does that include running water? Or do you get a hipster squat experience as part of the bargain until they hook up the utilities?.

That's the thing about envy - usually it is based on some delusional, romantic notion. Perhaps the people buying into The Hayes will one day walk past my building and feel a pang of regret that they didn't buy into a historic Edwardian.


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