Saturday, April 14, 2007

New Plumbing and Electric

I bought into a 1910 Edwardian TIC seven years ago on high hopes and blind faith. Great partners and substantial gains in equity have made me feel that it was a smart move. However, everyone in my building continues to deal with with the odd plumbing disaster that comes with an amalgam of new pipes having been fitted to old. We also have units in our building with electrical wattage that appears to date back to the 1940s, when only movie stars owned both a toaster and a refrigerator. It keeps our carbon footprint low, but also makes for a bit of modern inconvenience. So I am heartened when I see the words "new plumbing and electric" in a TIC advertisement. For the price we paid seven years ago, we are willing to put up with the issues of broken pipes and blackouts. But if I were buying into a TIC at today's prices I would not want those headaches and the expenses that go with them.

1530 Jones Street - Five Remodeled Edwardian TICs.


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