Saturday, April 14, 2007

City-wide TIC Map

After the condo lottery results were announced an SF TIC reader commented, "Have any ├╝ber nerds plotted out the winners on a map?" I am happy to report that not only the winners but every TIC in the city have been recorded on this map of San Francisco's political districts. (Thanks to David Latterman of Fall Line Analytics for running the data.)
Districts 8 and 5, represented by Bevan Dufty and Ross Mirkarimi, have the highest numbers of TIC owners. The District 5 supe is barred from voting on TIC legislation because he is a TIC owner. It seems to me that due to the City Attorney's recommendation he is not able to fairly represent the interests of a large number of his constituents. Personally, I like Mirkarimi. But I may not be able to vote for him in the coming election if he is still bound by this restriction. In the past Dufty has sponsored pro-TIC legislation. I am hoping he has not purchased a TIC which would also ban him from taking action.