Sunday, January 07, 2007

Price Reduced!

"Price reduced" is a phrase we are seeing more frequently. This 1364 square foot top floor 2 bedroom TIC with Twin Peaks views is now listed for $519,00. Lovely remodel - no parking. And just one block from busy Ceasar Chavez. In this buyer's market if a property doesn't have it all - good fractional financing rate, no protected tenant evictions, great location, sound structure, appealing interior and, of course, parking for at least one car expect it to languish. Which means if you find some negatives that you can live with - you can lowball an offer. Who's to say this seller wouldn't take $450,000? Unfortunately when it comes to TICs tools like Zillow do not reveal what the seller paid for his or her particular unit, which is helpful when calculating how low you might go. For that info you will need the help of an agent.


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