Wednesday, November 29, 2006

2007 Condo Lottery

We just received our first announcement from the City regarding the '07 condo lottery. Because the Board of Supervisors have not yet re-enacted the one year '06 ordinance that gave precedence to buildings that have been in the lottery the longest, we are, until further notice, back to the previous system. Which is... Pool A, from which 100 units will be selected, consists of all the units that have participated unsuccessfully in the lottery three times or more. Pool B, from which another 100 units will be selected, will include all the losers from Pool A and all other applicants.

If you live in a TIC that has been Ellised, take note. The first 175 units selected in the lottery must be able to certify that no senior, disabled or catastrophically ill tenant was evicted on or after November 16, 2004. Since only two hundred units are selected annually, the odds of being given permission to attempt a conversion are far, far lower for units that have a history of these types of evictions.

The condo lottery rules are subject to change at any moment. So if you are a participant, pay attention. Read any notices you receive in the mail from The Department of Public Works or The Bureau of Street Use and Land Mapping. Check the SFGOV DPW website regularly between now and the date of the drawing - February 7. Even if the supes vote to change the rules that are in effect at present, the requirements for qualifying and purchasing a ticket will not change. Make sure you have completed all your paperwork and purchased your ticket/s no later than January 26. It's easy. If you have any questions go to 875 Stevenson Street, Room 460 or call (415) 554-5810.


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