Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Supe Says

One of my building partners ran into Supervisor Russ Mirkarimi at the Hayes Valley Street Fair. Mirkarimi's take was the supes are not going to re-enact the one year '06 ordinance that gave precedence to buildings that have been in the lottery the longest. Mirkarimi, by the way, lives in a TIC that will be in the lottery for the fifth time in '07. My building is heading into year four. Wonder who holds the honor of being the building that has unsuccessfully participated for the greatest number of years?


Blogger cam said...

from andysirkin.com:
In practice, the 2006 condominium conversion lottery produced fairer results than lotteries of recent years, but there were some surprising anomalies. All of the sixth-time entrants were automatically selected (there were no buildings in for the seventh or more time, and there had been no sixth-time entrants in 2005).

So there is no building (that meets residency requirements for the lottery) that has been waiting longer than 5 years.

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