Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jail Roger

I am not one to bash realtors. Reputable realtors can add value to a transaction. They help steer first time buyers and sellers through a complex process, and spare affluent clients a lot of leg work. However, when I see that a realtor has a history of mistreating people in his former business, I think buyers and sellers should be made aware of that individual's record.

Roger Mwamba, who, with his wife Maureen Kenney, constitutes Kenney Real Estate, was the former owner of Body Tonic Gym. Several news articles and the Yahoo Group Jail Roger chronicle Mwamba's dubious practices at the gym, including a aggressive push to sign up new members and rake in an alleged $45,000, even while planning to declare bankruptcy and shut down the business. In short, former employees and members say he hired sales people (whom he did not pay) to sell memberships to clients (which he did not honor), then simply put a padlock on the door and drove away in his Porsche staight into bankruptcy protection.

Would you work with a realtor who, in his former business, left employees unpaid, billed clients for services they were never going to receive and ended up under investigation by the San Francisco District Attorney's office? I wouldn't.

Kenney Real Estate specializes in TICs. My opinion? Avoid them.


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