Tuesday, June 12, 2007

June 13 Plan C Rally

I will be joing Plan C on June 13 at noon on the City Hall steps. We will be protesting Chris Daly's quality of life budget cuts.

Daly, who lives in an expensive condominium, fashions himself as a hero to the downtrodden. He is no friend to TIC owners and his latest maneuver is a typical grandstanding power grab.

Here are the details from the Plan C newsletter:

"Four days after the Mayor submitted a balanced budget, Supervisor Daly introduced a motion to cut the following programs, totaling $37 Million:

$ 2,521,190 – the entire street tree budget (including the entire contract with Friends of the Urban Forest)
$ 700,000 for the Community Justice Center, modeled after best practices in other cities for enforcing quality of life laws
$ 3,000,000 for Salaries for one new Police Academy class
$ 2,100,000 for the Community Corridor street cleaning and commercial district improvement program
$ 606,000 for a Small Business Assistance Center
$ 375,000 in funding to support Community Benefit Districts (CBDs) – one of the best recent innovations to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe
$ 2,884,192 for sidewalk repairs
$ 6,353,435 for street resurfacing
$ 1,680,000 – the city's entire pothole repair budget for the coming year
$ 1,100,000 for new Park Patrol officers in Golden Gate Park to provide security and prevent quality of life infractions
$ 713,183 for the 311 Call Center
$ 500,000 in reserves for the city's massive retiree benefit liability
$7,500,000 In Financial Reserves
$5,000,000 to rebuild Public Housing

Supervisor Daly proposes to use the money cut from these programs for his housing proposal, as well as to fund other programs at the Department of Public Health including restoring funding for federal cuts to funding for AIDS programs.

Clearly, affordable housing and AIDS programs are important, and there are legitimate policy discussions the whole city should have about the tradeoffs in the budget. But Supervisor Daly's slash-and-burn approach will decimate basic city services, and do so with no analysis by the Board of Supervisors Budget Analyst, no opportunity for substantive debate and no public participation. Moreover, if Supervisor Daly's motion is allowed to proceed, it will set a terrible precedent for making major budget decisions based on short term political vendettas instead of thoughtful policy discussions."


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