Saturday, February 17, 2007

Marketing on MySpace

I guess it had to happen - San Francisco real estate videos on MySpace.

KB and I were on our way to a hike near Land's End so we checked out this 4-unit TIC at 206 12th Avenue. The units all have parking, fractional loans, working fireplaces, nice light, a little shared garden deck, storage space and a good location - if you like the Presidio. The layouts are wonderful; the upper units in particular, which have two spacious bedrooms each with a full bath. (Apparently the upper unit away from California Street has already been sold.) The renovation, which is still in progress, looks thorough and thoughtful - historic details like the hand-nailed wooden floors and crown moldings have been left intact.

I give the realtor credit for frankly stating in the Craig's List ad - "if you don't have an agent, we'll pass along the savings to you." I may get blackballed for saying so, but a diligent and experienced buyer who knows enough about the neighborhood, the current state of the market, the vicissitudes of older San Francisco buildings, transactional negotiations and the potential downsides of buying into TICs can, I believe, manage without an agent. Of course not many TIC buyers fall into this category, in which case, I would say defer and let a reputable agent represent you. Either way, if you are in the market this property is worth a viewing.


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