Friday, February 16, 2007


Last night I happened to watch the Woody Allen film Matchpoint. A knockout reverse "will he get away with it" whodunit, it is based on the premise that luck has more to do with success than most of us hardworking people would like to imagine.

If you have never been a TIC owner you cannot understand the fervent desire that accompanies the anticipation of each year's condo lottery drawing. But in the end, as with all lotteries, the only relevant factor is - luck. It doesn't matter if you have been a neighborly partner, or paid your dues on time, or swept the common hallway more often then you signed on for - it's a simple random equation.

One of my TIC partners called this afternoon to tell me that somehow, through a friend, he had found out that our building did not win.

This did not surprise me. The number of entrants keeps rising, and the number of slots remains - 200 units. It will be interesting to count up the exact figure on entries, to see if the numerous ordinances regarding evictions passed by a Board of Supervisors inordinately influenced by the tenants' lobby has had the slightest impact on reducing building eligibility. My guess is not by much.


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