Wednesday, August 30, 2006

863 Haight

If you are in the market for a TIC, these units are not really in Hayes Valley, but they are centrally located near Buena Vista Park and are very nice. It's a lovely and apparently lovingly restored 5-unit Edwardian building with spacious rooms, good light, stylish modern fixtures and historical charm. I happened to be walking on Haight last Sunday and took a looky loo. (That's a term realtors use for curious neighbors and other people who visit open houses but aren't looking to buy.)
Yes, they have fractional financing. And no, I am not affiliated with Paragon Realtors, Pacific Capital Mortgage, the owner who did the Ellis Act or any other entity who might profit from these observations.
One word of caution - if you fancy a property that has better than a snowball's chance in hell of condo converting, this isn't it.


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